May-June Prayer Letter

Winter, Spring, Winter, Spring

After an extra long winter this year we were really looking forward to spring. When the weather began to warm, we were thankful to be able to get into our tiny backyard and begin to plant some flowers and a miniature herb garden. It was quite a disappointment when after a couple weeks of beautiful spring weather, winter decided to take one last pass and dump some more snow.

sienna wearing glasses

No, Sienna doesn’t need glasses . . . yet, she found Mommy’s and was trying them on. Usually she puts sun glasses on upside down.

It was not long lived and the second return of the warm weather, coupled with the extra moisture, transformed the landscape in a garden-like wonderland. Everything was blooming – it was absolutely gorgeous, and the air was honey-sweet. For people with bad allergies it sounds like a night-mare, but for us it was truly delightful.

Rain Brings Opportunity

Sunday morning a few weeks back, mid-way through the morning service, it began to rain. The rain continued to intensify over the course of 10 minutes. The clamor of the rain on the roof became so loud it actually drowned out the preacher (no pun intended) speaking over the PA system. He just had to stop and wait for it to subside. Paul spoke to a friend sitting next to him and she could not hear over the din. It was as if a swimming pool had been inverted over the building. Thankfully by the time church was over, it had calmed down to a light sprinkle. Some of the streets were literally rivers. After we got home the power went out.

Paul went out to investigate, and found that our neighbor, who lives on the same property, had just discovered his basement had filled with 6-8in of water. He had expensive electronics there and a lot of it was sitting under the water. We had been looking for a chance to reach out to them and God provided it. Paul spent the next few hours helping them bucket the water out and April brought out some goodies she had baked. It turned out to be a great opportunity to get to know them and to be a testimony. Please pray for them their names are Nicu and Olivia.

Prayer Requests

  • Continued understanding for language studies
  • Guidance in our lives
  • Nicu & Olivia
  • Five international students
  • Margit, language professor
  • Pania and boys

Easter picture in our backyard.

More Opportunities

Paul had a great opportunity to share the gospel with five male international students that are attending the university here in Cluj. He was invited to the group by someone who has been trying to do a Bible study with them. They were from several different religious backgrounds, but the Lord gave great liberty for him to share the gospel message with them. They asked a lot of questions and they spoke at length for nearly three hours. None made a decision, but he believes a couple were very close. Please pray for these five gentlemen that they will come to Christ soon.

The Monday after Pentecost Paul went to his language class. They began talking about Pentecost (Rusalii in Romanian) and she asked Paul why there was a group who called themselves Pentecostals (to remind you – she is Catholic). He explained what they believe and that led into discussing other things about the Scriptures. He carefully turned it to a discussion about salvation, and was surprised about how open she was to talking with Him about her spiritual condition. They spent the whole time discussing spiritual things. He shared the Gospel with her and just before they ran out of time together she told him that she doubted that she would go to heaven if she died, and that she wanted to talk more about it at a later time. Paul left her house and practically skipped home like a school boy. He could not wait to tell April what had happed. A big thanks to all who have been praying for her. Further more Paul has been working with her in translating some sermons relating to salvation. So he is getting to preach to her, and she is getting paid to listen.

April has been enjoying working with, and sometimes teaching, the international ladies Bible Study group here. One of the ladies who attends it has a very troubled marriage and two boys that spiral out of control easily. She asked advice from April. Please pray that the Lord will give her wisdom in working with Pania.


  • Ministry opportunities
  • Progress in the language
  • Opportunity to witness to Margit

Taken the 24th of April in Sienna’s Sunday school room before it started.

Bits and Pieces

If you would pray for April, she has had a bad cough for the past 8 weeks or so, and is now on her 2nd round of antibiotics trying to kick it.

Sienna’s language ability is growing with every day. We are amazed at how much Romanian she understands. We’ve been concentrating on English at home and in the month of May she learned part of Isaiah 53:6. We were thrilled.

We were greatly encouraged to have a supporting pastor come visit. He was in a city near us and we were able to go pick him up, see some sights on the way back, and see some sights in Cluj. We are thankful for each of our supporting pastors, churches, and supporting individuals. We know that economically times are tough all over. We continue to trust the Lord, Who cares for us and provides for us in His providence.

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