What the Surprize Storm Couldn’t Kill

Back in July, we had a surprize storm that left some pretty green damage in it’s path. We weren’t sure if the flowers would bloom or if the tomatoes would be able to make a comeback and produce anything, especially before we leave the first part of September.

It was  a huge disappointment because we were really looking forward to all the tomatoes that we were going to be munching down.

In the end, the plants were able to revive enough to produce some, and they will probably still be producing for those we will give them to before we leave!

Since the ground is super hard, like clay, I wasn’t sure if my flowers were going to be grow enough or have enough water and nutrients to bloom. I was so excited because I had found sweet peas (the flowering kind) and they reminded me of growing up. My sister was the sweet pea planter in our family. I had also found the European columbine. Sadly, they aren’t doing too well, and they were protected from the storm.

We’re looking forward to a month of tomato eating, and I know Sienna is, too. We’ve often caught her out there munching them down like candy. Paul keeps telling her she needs to ask because she’s been picking some that aren’t quite ripe, plus he wants to get some, too!

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