The Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden

Knowing that I was feeling stressed with all the packing and planning and preparing for our move and furlough, Paul graciously took Sienna for a morning out. Plus, Sienna needed an outing, too. The botanical garden in Cluj is a cheap, but nice place to go this time of year. You get to see all sorts of things at different times of the year in bloom. The last time we were there was a year ago (see the last picture). There were so  many things to see.

Sienna was excited that she was going with just Daddy. She loves to go, go, go, but wants to be able to come home to the same place every night, at least, most of the time. While they were away looking at flowers and bananas and looking over bridges, jumping off benches, I was cleaning and packing. Who knew we had so  much? Well, actually, we don’t really have that much, but it feels like a ton when you are packing it all up.

I found things that I thought were lost, I found things I thought Sienna had broken. It was  amazing what I found! Packing can be such a tiring job and a discouraging job, too. Just when you think you’ve made some progress you step into another room and realize that there’s more that should have gone in that box you just taped up! I’ve tried to be organized about it, but in the beginning I got behind on my schedule and just haven’t gotten caught up. I read a quote that said only amateurs hurry, I must be an amateur! My mom used to say, “The ‘hurrier’ I go, the ‘behinder’ I get.” I so know that feeling!

I think part of the problem is that I keep thinking I’ll need to use this or that and so I can’t pack it up yet! Then when the time comes and I realize that I haven’t used it and I won’t be, we’re getting so close to that deadline that it’s a hectic scramble to get everything in a box and out the door to the car to be carried and packed into the garage.

Maybe next time I’ll have learned my lesson, maybe. I find that I have trouble learning my lessons, sometimes.

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