Baking Project

Sienna loves to play with the girls upstairs. The same ones we took kite flying, Alexia and Sara. Sienna calls them ‘Lexia and Sala. She has trouble with the rolled “R”.

The girls love to do things for their mom. So, when I suggested that we make some cheesecake brownies they were thrilled. They helped measure things, mix things, and everything in between. They really were good helpers as most children want to be. The finished product turned out so well, I was really pleased.

While the brownies were baking the girls waited in the livingroom. Alexia is playing the piano, Sienna was playing with an American flag that I had out for 4th of July, and Sara is drawing in Sienna’s letter book. They were very happy to be able to tell their mom that they helped and especially to eat the finished brownies.

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