The Tricycle and The Soldier

Sienna has had this tricycle since her 2nd birthday, but we just hadn’t been able to get her to use the pedals. Finally, this summer she started understanding how the pedals worked and started using them.

You’ll see the common yard that we had. This is after some rain, hence the water puddles. You’ll also notice our dog, Bago, making sure we weren’t going out the gate and making sure no one was there to bark at, just in case, ya know?

Sienna, just as she’s coming back, says that she’s going to go really fast like ‘Lexia. Alexia is one of the neighbor girls from upstairs. I don’t know where they are this day, but they were probably gone on a trip as they were on most weekends, since this day is a Sunday.

Maybe now that she knows how to pedal we can get her a bicycle for her 4th birthday.


Later, we went out to the village for the evening service. For the week of VBS the team from the U. K. had used the Roman soldier as an example. They had the breastplate, the shield, the sword, the girdle, the helmet, and one of the ladies decided that Sienna needed to wear it. She had a great time fighting with one of the boys who was using a inflatable microphone as his sword. Oh, and all the Roman soldiers had lollipops, dangerous way to be a soldier.

Sienna at one point decides to attack the one taking the pictures — RUN! She sure has fun playing with the kids there and they have fun teasing and playing with her.

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