Flying High

The wind has been blowing here. We’ve had rain.

What do you do when it’s a rainy day and you have an energetic 3-year old? Well, you look on the internet for ideas of what to do. You cannot just sit and watch cartoons all day! YUCK!

One craft I came across was a miniature kite. Unfortunately, even though they said it would fly, it didn’t. This started something. Paul got out the kite we have and it wouldn’t fly in the yard either; too much circular action with the wind between the houses.

So, we planned a day to go on the hill. We decided to take the neighbor girls. We had a BLAST!

Paul helped the girls make some kites, but they didn’t fly. But a couple of the ones he made did.

Sienna wanted to fly a kite until she spotted something really fun. SAND! She was soon playing and having the time of her life in the sand. Too bad we didn’t have a bucket and a shovel, we would have brought some home with us.

One crazy thing, while we were there someone was taking a 4×4 on a test drive and drove right past us, two or three times. We all wondered why he had to drive near us when there are miles of hills around.


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