Answered Prayer

Our tickets are reserved for furlough.

Our car needed work done on the front end and the bi-annual inspection done.

Paul made the appointment. We all got up early and took the car in to the shop early Friday morning. I’d packed a bag ready to stay or we had the jogging stroller so we could walk home, too. It all depended on the time it would take for them to fix it.

Typically the receptionist, mechanic, and technician were all quite sure that since we are foreign that we don’t know how to maintain the car. The maintenance book is missing the last three entries since we changed the oil and did light maintenance on it once it was past the guarantee. We didn’t sign and stamp it ourselves, so that must mean we didn’t do these things (here, stamps, books, three scribble┬á signatures, and other such nonsense are most important). It took some convincing, but I think we finally got the receptionist to believe that we had changed the oil 15,000 kilometers ago and put in synthetic oil. He was still a bit fuzzy on if we wanted it changed that day.

So, we’re told that it will take 2 1/2 to 3 hours for all the needed work. I’ve watched them work, well, I’ve watched the mechanics in Targoviste work, these guys did seem to be faster.

We decided to head home. It was sprinkling and it sprinkled on us all the way home. We weren’t bothered by it. Besides the entire walk was downhill.

The money made it to our account in time for us to withdraw to pay for the work done.

On our way back up the hill (walking and pushing the stroller) it started to rain pretty hard. We waited under a tree. It let up. Off we went again. We made it more than 1/2 way there, but it was really starting to pour, so we made a break from another wait under some trees to the gas station on the corner.

We don’t call taxis, we usually just find one if we need one, so I had no number for a taxi in my phone.

We prayed. Lord, we need a taxi, the garage called and the car’s ready.

It wasn’t long and while there were taxis going every direction this one was free. YES!

Most times you don’t find people that will help you in some way. But that wasn’t true of the car inspector. He found a problem with our title and registration and took it upon himself to fix it. We didn’t even know there was a problem and he had it fixed before we knew it was there.

So, the car is all fixed, inspected, and it was clean.

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