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Do you ever have those days when you know you need to update the ol’ blog, but you just don’t know what to write. This is definitely one of those days. I can think of things I might tell you, I might write about, but none of them seem to be worth taking the time to write about.

I could write about the weather, Sienna, my allergies, Sienna, my latest new recipe, Sienna, Paul’s adventures with his restoring the veneer on an old table, or Sienna. I wonder which one will win out? Oare?

We’ve been getting more rain the past few days. This really slows down my laundry process. And it’s even slower since the little 1/4 dryer that we  bought doesn’t work anymore. Paul thinks it might be the switch, but he’s too busy under these woodworking projects to have the time to check it out. The dog has “haired” up more blankets . . . she’s shedding. I’m looking forward to some more days with more sun. With the rain comes the wind, so we might go and fly some kites tomorrow.

Sienna is growing like a weed. Her “new” pants from her 3rd birthday are quickly becoming capris. I thought for sure they’d last a little longer . . . sigh.

With the warmer spring, my allergies have been more severe. Ugh. It just means more sneezing, more itchy eyes, itchy nose,  ears itching and making weird noises and sensations, more sneezing — did I say that already? Paul’s solution? A dust mask. So you remember the pictures from the news of the Chinese when the bird flu hit there? That’s what I look like tonight trying his idea.

Sienna seems to have slight allergies,but doesn’t seem to be bothered by them. We made some miniature kites the other day. They didn’t fly. Paul said we’d have to drag them behind the car to get them to fly.

Paul has undertaken the adventure of a lifetime for someone interested in woodworking. Our language professor has an antique table that had been taken to a repairman at some point who, in the end, wasn’t that great of a repairman and left it out in the weather. Horrible story. The veneer on top was cracked badly and lifted up to give  a look like wooden waves across the top of it. She asked Paul if he’d be willing to help to work on it. As is usual here, finding all the supplies for a venture like this is nearly impossible. As usual, some tools have to be handmade. One thing in particular (if you want to restore to period) is the glue. Hide glue. I’ve learned more about hide glue than I ever wanted to know. Don’t get me wrong, it is very interesting. But in the process he’s tried to make his own using a crock pot. (It’s ok, he used it with my blessing.) That stuff stinks!

He finally found a supplier in Bucharest, ordered and had it shipped. What was supposed to be about a week for the whole project is turning into 3, maybe 4.

Sienna. Precious Sienna. She’s a fantastic child. I might be prejudice. She surprizes us with what she wants to do. The other day, after numerous times of being told not to go in the neighbor’s house without asking, she, of course, went in. I went to rescue the neighbors and after we got inside and talked about it, she, alone, initiated wanting to go and tell the neighbors sorry for going in without asking her mommy first.

We were at the mall the other day and we grabbed a bite to eat. She was still hungry, so she gets up, tells me to wait and she heads off to McDonald’s to get some more nuggets. I arrive and she tells me to go sit down. I tell her she doesn’t have any money to pay for the nuggets. She holds out her hand, I put in a 10 lei bill. A moment passes. “And a coin, mommy,” she says. I give her the coin. I wait behind her (the line for all the fast food “joints” are right in the middle of the aisle — strange set up. She gets to the counter and the lady leans down and asks her what she wants (in Romanian). At first Sienna doesn’t answer. So the lady asks again. So Sienna says, “Nannie want more nuggets, please.” Poor lady, she didn’t understand, so I interpreted (in more ways than one).

She’s SO independent.

One day, Paul found her across the street. YIKES!

We have to work on when it’s ok to be independent.

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