Baking Project

Sienna loves to play with the girls upstairs. The same ones we took kite flying, Alexia and Sara. Sienna calls them ‘Lexia and Sala. She has trouble with the rolled “R”.

The girls love to do things for their mom. So, when I suggested that we make some cheesecake brownies they were thrilled. They helped measure things, mix things, and everything in between. They really were good helpers as most children want to be. The finished product turned out so well, I was really pleased.

While the brownies were baking the girls waited in the livingroom. Alexia is playing the piano, Sienna was playing with an American flag that I had out for 4th of July, and Sara is drawing in Sienna’s letter book. They were very happy to be able to tell their mom that they helped and especially to eat the finished brownies.

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The Tricycle and The Soldier

Sienna has had this tricycle since her 2nd birthday, but we just hadn’t been able to get her to use the pedals. Finally, this summer she started understanding how the pedals worked and started using them.

You’ll see the common yard that we had. This is after some rain, hence the water puddles. You’ll also notice our dog, Bago, making sure we weren’t going out the gate and making sure no one was there to bark at, just in case, ya know?

Sienna, just as she’s coming back, says that she’s going to go really fast like ‘Lexia. Alexia is one of the neighbor girls from upstairs. I don’t know where they are this day, but they were probably gone on a trip as they were on most weekends, since this day is a Sunday.

Maybe now that she knows how to pedal we can get her a bicycle for her 4th birthday.


Later, we went out to the village for the evening service. For the week of VBS the team from the U. K. had used the Roman soldier as an example. They had the breastplate, the shield, the sword, the girdle, the helmet, and one of the ladies decided that Sienna needed to wear it. She had a great time fighting with one of the boys who was using a inflatable microphone as his sword. Oh, and all the Roman soldiers had lollipops, dangerous way to be a soldier.

Sienna at one point decides to attack the one taking the pictures — RUN! She sure has fun playing with the kids there and they have fun teasing and playing with her.

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The Meadow

Today was the last day of a VBS that a group from Britain was doing for the kids in the village. We went along for the picnic and had a great time. It was a warm day, and knowing this, I decided to take along the shade tent. I’m glad we had it along.

We took our car to the bottom of the hill, if we had had our ARO, we would have just driven that up, but it’s a jeepin’ road and the car wouldn’t have handled it well. From the bottom we walked up. Along the way Sienna got a bug down her shirt that started stinging her. We don’t know for sure what it was, but it left some pretty big welts. It was about this time that I started wishing I had something along for the sting. The problem, it didn’t just happen once, it happened at least twice, not counting the bite she got at the house before we left. Now she’s a little skiddish about bugs and doesn’t want to go in the grass because of the ants or anything else that might bite. Especially things that fly.

The event started with the kids reviewing what they had learned that week. Most of the kids were well behaved, there were a couple of the boys that I thought should be sent home for their acting up during the review time. But since it’s not my call to make . . . .

After that they served lunch. Nothing super special, just sandwiches and fruit and yogurt. Sienna was really liking the yogurt.

Once all that was cleaned up they broke out the games and the kids got to playing. David, the boy in the blue that Sienna is chasing and vice versa was a having a grand time playing with Sienna. They were playing swords with the rackets and then the bigger kids came along and took one of the rackets so it became a game of keep away. They kept running back to the shade tent for safety. Some of the older girls came along and sat with us later and tried to talk to Sienna, but she wasn’t in the mood for talking then, she wanted that racket back from David.

All in all it was a good time and we enjoyed the walk down the hill as well. It’s a nice meadow (it could use a lawn mower, but then it wouldn’t be a meadow any longer) and it’s a good place for the kids to have plenty of room to run and play.

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Surprize Storm

We all took a trip to the mall to get out of the house and to get to a cool place. Little did we know we’d come home in much cooler temperatures.

I was running at the gym when it started to rain, I could see it out the large windows while I was running. I saw it turning to hail as I went towards the locker rooms. I called Paul and asked him if he thought we needed to head home to rescue our garden plants that we’d been moving in and out of the rain (we keep them in pots because of the size of our yard and the kind of dirt we have). He didn’t think we needed to go, but once we all got in the car and left the parking garage we realized that the storm was a lot worse.

As we were coming home (we live on a hill) the water and the hail were running down the street. The temperature had dropped, the hail was piling up in the low places.

The moment we arrived home we knew that things were going to look pretty bad. The grape vine in front of the front house was just shredded, we walked on a carpet of green all the way to the house. Just beyond the cement we saw this pile of hail.

The backyard looked horrible. I had left clothes on the line to dry, they were soaking wet and really dirty from the splattering. Sienna’s toys had been out, we were not expecting it to rain let alone hail.

I saved a big bag of the hail. My thought: Boy, ice here sure is expensive to buy. I have room in the freezer and the next time we make ice cream we can use this hail. It’s nice and uniform, smooth, it’s perfect!

There were tomato leaves, little tomatoes, blossoms, etc. laying everywhere. My morning glories were all growing mostly vertical,  so they weren’t hit as badly.  We definitely mourned the loss of the tomatoes.

Paul went through and pruned all the broken branches and tried to get them to a point where they might recover. It was a sad day.

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Flying High

The wind has been blowing here. We’ve had rain.

What do you do when it’s a rainy day and you have an energetic 3-year old? Well, you look on the internet for ideas of what to do. You cannot just sit and watch cartoons all day! YUCK!

One craft I came across was a miniature kite. Unfortunately, even though they said it would fly, it didn’t. This started something. Paul got out the kite we have and it wouldn’t fly in the yard either; too much circular action with the wind between the houses.

So, we planned a day to go on the hill. We decided to take the neighbor girls. We had a BLAST!

Paul helped the girls make some kites, but they didn’t fly. But a couple of the ones he made did.

Sienna wanted to fly a kite until she spotted something really fun. SAND! She was soon playing and having the time of her life in the sand. Too bad we didn’t have a bucket and a shovel, we would have brought some home with us.

One crazy thing, while we were there someone was taking a 4×4 on a test drive and drove right past us, two or three times. We all wondered why he had to drive near us when there are miles of hills around.


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