The Beauty of Romania

A gorgeous valley just stretching out.

I was recently impressed with some of the beautiful things about Romania. We left on the 19th of August for a quick trip to Targoviste to take care of some business things and I had a ladies retreat to attend.

We left very early that Thursday morning after having carefully carried all the tomato plants inside and arranged them on a tarp, put out enough dog food for a month and water for 2 weeks for Bago, packed the car, and carried the kiddo out we left.  It was a long, long drive.

A village in the mountains.

A village in the mountains.

Narrow, winding roads.

The trip was lightly longer than anticipated since Paul took advantage of the morning “golden hour” and shot some great photos.

Another beautiful thing about Romania is this piece that my uncle recently asked me to get for him. I’ve had a terrible time finding it. This is a ballad written by George Enescu, considered to be the greatest Romanian composer. As is true with many of Romania’s greats, he found refuge and support more readily in France than his own country. He spent most of his adult life in France and died there. The actual printed music I found was printed in France, not Romania. This was surprizing to both me and my uncle. How can a country that has such a great composer not have an outlet for the printed music of that composer? I’m sure I’m missing something that’s behind the scenes.

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The Quiet Life

I always thought that I would enjoy a life full of adventure and excitement, but there comes a time when adventure and excitement becomes overwhelming. We just had that . . . but now, we’ve had some really great, quiet days.  It’s nice to have quiet, well-ordered days with adventures and excitement in the middle instead of the other way around. Adventure is that “thing” that makes you appreciate those quiet days.

I teasingly told Paul that I had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), he just smiled.

So, you ask, what has happened since your weekend of great “adventure”? Well, we started class again. Our professor took a vacation for about a month. Once that month was up, we started up with class again. We were back to class for 2 weeks and our teacher had friends that came for a visit and needed a week with them. We’ve been so grateful that she, Margit, has been so flexible for continuing to tutor us over the summer.

We start back tomorrow. Mondays are my days, my days with Margit all to myself. It’s nice to have that time to practice conversation and ask questions about things I don’t understand.

Thursday, though, will be different. We’ll be getting up really early, bringing the plants inside, jumping in the car, and making a trip down to Targoviste. We have a couple of business things to take care of and I have a ladies retreat to attend and be involved in.

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Anti-Semitism is Alive and Well in Romania

In a BBC news article dated the 6th of August this year, I read that the National Bank of Romania has minted a commemoration coin for church patriarch Miron Christea. He was the prime minister of Romania in 1939 who stripped the Jews of their citizenship.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum had a bit to say about it.


This is a perfect example of an insensitive move.

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