March-April Newsletter

Five Years and Ten Years
January 14th we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. March 1st we ended our 5th year in Romania and began our 6th. Over the years here and the years we’ve spent together we have seen the Lord do so much. We are thankful that He is in control and has a plan for our lives and our ministry here.

Prayer Requests

  • Continued understanding for language studies
  • Guidance in our lives
  • Irina, divorce and husband’s salvation

Ministry Opportunities
When we moved to Cluj to study Romanian, we knew that we would need to find a church to attend. But we didn’t want any ministry responsibilities to overshadow our learning process. Things were pretty quiet last fall; we quietly attended church, listened and tried to put into practice what we were learning. In January, the church we’ve been attending started a Sunday School class for children ages two to four. Sienna fits right in there, so April has become involved in Sienna’s class. She’s even taught a lesson or two in Romanian. Also in January, we learned of an opportunity for Paul to go and preach in a church that doesn’t have a pastor. He was able to do that in February. While chatting with the man that took him there he learned that there are several (maybe more than several) churches outside the city limits in villages that don’t have pastors. This may prove to be an open door for more preaching opportunities.


  • Ministry opportunities
  • Progress in the language
  • Safe trip to Targoviste

Burnetts have returned from the States and we were able to go and visit Targoviste and some of the brethren there. Most are doing well, some are struggling. We sat and talked with Irina who has been a great help with the ladies ministry in Sotanga and she and her unsaved husband are getting a divorce. He’s found someone else. Pray for her as she struggles with this sudden change. She has two young daughters and their father isn’t as interested in them as he was. Irina has prayed for her husband, Florin, for many years; may the Lord work in his heart even still.

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