January-February Newsletter

Political News

Romania recently had a presidential election that consisted of two rounds of voting. The first vote narrowed it down to two men; Traian Basescu, the incumbent president, and Mircea Geoana, the challenger. The tension between the two parties could be felt while walking down the street. Mr. Basescu has been the only president to date to seriously attempt to eliminate corruption in the government and it has earned him plenty of enemies.

Mr. Geoana’s political support came from Ion Iliescu. Iliescu was Romania’s president after the trial and execution of communist dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu. Iliescu and Geoan? are essentially communists in sheep’s clothing. Sunday, December 6, 2009 Romania voted. By Sunday evening the media was claiming that Geoana had won, by a small margin. Monday morning brought contradictory news. Our language professor informed us that the media had reported Geoana’s win based on the exit polls. It sounded so familiar: there was a demand for a recount, but once the absentee ballots had been received and counted, Geoana conceded.

Prayer Requests

  • Opportunities to use our Romanian
  • Continued understanding for language studies

Sixth Month Evaluation

When we first made plans to move to Cluj for language training we said that we would evaluate our standing after six months. We have not been taking classes for six months, but we have been taking classes since September, a full semester. We know that we need this coming second semester. As we’ve looked at our situation we believe that we need more opportunities to use the language that we have been learning.


  • Housing
  • Romanian classes
  • Great professor
  • Healthy winter, so far

Thank You

Time and time again we are reminded to be thankful. We have had some hiccups with our apartment, even spent one night without our heating system, and it has stretched our faith. God continues to provide even when we have extra expenses to repair broken water pipes (of which there have been many) and other “projects” that are part of taking care of a home

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